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With "Game of Gates", EDF offers you the chance to share its flood management experience.

As Europe's leading hydro power producer, EDF operates a large number of facilities, including around 50 with large reservoirs on rivers that are likely to experience extreme hydrological events.

A feedback analysis of the methodologies implemented on EDF's large reservoir dams led to the development of a new methodology, whose objective is to reinforce the safety of the manoeuvres performed.
This methodology, so called "linear trajectory © EDF-2016" focuses on:
  • - the simplification of the actions of the operator during the flood
  • - the robustness of flood management in the face of potential disruption
  • - a more comprehensive consideration of the different possible situations.
This method also aims to objectively analyse the parameterisation of the regulation laws, in order to guarantee the flood routing procedures best adapted to each case.

“Game of Gates is a simulation serious game that will allow you to manage a dam similar to yours during a flood period, using your flood routing procedure, in comparison to a management following the methodology developed by EDF.

Firstly, the game will invite you to set up very simply the main data of a fictitious dam similar to yours. Then you can play managing your dam, duraing a flood that you have selected. Dams can be considered according to the size of the reservoir they create and according to the dynamics of their behavior during a flood episode.

To ensure efficient and controlled flood routing management, it is essential to construct procedures that are effective and easy to implement.

The main safety objectives of flood management are to guarantee the principles of integrity of the dam and the non-aggravation of the consequences of the flood. These goals are most often:
  • 1. Do not exceed the maximum allowed reservoir level for the design flood,
  • 2. Gradually bring the water body to the set level and then maintain it,
  • 3. Make sure that the maximum outflow does not exceed the flow of the natural flood peak,
  • 4. Respect a maximum outflow gradient in function of the maximum flood inflow gradient (the EDF internal standard is a ratio of 150%).


Answers to your questions

Many questions can arise concerning the flood management of large dams. In order to help you play "Game of Gates", we have prepared the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Of course, to get more specific answers that you cannot find in this FAQ, do not hesitate to contact us.

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“ Game of gates is a good tool to train the dam technicians to the flood management.
It could be good to have a wider range of time steps for the spillway maneuvers.
Matthieu Breysse EDF

- Matthieu B.

France, 14/11/2019

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